What is a Crown?

  • A crown, also known as cap, is a dental restoration which covers and fits over the tooth and restores it to its normal shape and size. A crown can make your tooth stronger and also improve its appearance.

  • there are a few types of crowns: porcelain, porcelain fused to metal and all- metal.

When is a crown needed?

  • A tooth is severely decayed and the remaining tooth structure is weak

  • After a tooth had root canal therapy

  • A previously restored tooth which had a large filling already and need to be replaced

  • Fractures

  • The tooth is used as support for a bridge

  • The above are only some of the common indications for crowns


What does it involve?

  • It usually takes at least two visits to complete a crown.

  • At the first appointment, the tooth is prepared to receive the crown. An impression is taken and sent to a dental laboratory where a dental technician will custom made the crown to the shape and colour it needs. A temporary crown is fitted at the end of the session.

  • At the second appointment, the temporary crown is removed and the final crown is adjusted and cemented onto the tooth.

What is a bridge?

  • A Bridge is a artificial tooth (pontic) which is attached to a crown on each side. This is know as a fixed bridge (as shown below).

  • It is used to replace a missing tooth/teeth/space.

  • There are also other types of bridges such cantilever bridge and Maryland bridge.

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