Preventive, Periodic Examinations and Cleaning

It is important to have regular dental checks-ups which can detect potential dental or oral issues at its early stage, before they get worse and become major problems . 6-monthly check-up and cleaning are usually recommended for most patients.

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At Burwood Family Dentist, we offer different types of dental filling materials.

There are 2 main types of direct restoration materials: Tooth coloured ones and Silver ones.  We believe you should be given the choice of both types of materials. As with most materials all have both their advantages and disadvantages,. In most cases. we would offer our opinion onto what to use based on individual cases and let you make your own informed decision.

Tooth-coloured fillings

They are the ones we mostly placed in our practice. Most people in our days prefer the tooth-coloured fillings ("white") fillings.   The most widely used direct material is called "composite resin". Composite resin  is a mixture of tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture. Composite resin restorations are highly aesthetic materials that allow them to be used both for front teeth and back teeth.  Due to their adhesive and bonding properties to tooth structures, minimal drilling and more tooth conservation can be achieved. They are now strong and durable although they may be best for small to medium-sized fillings.

Silver fillings ("Amalgam")

They are less popular and also less used nowadays . We still offer this alternate option for our patients who prefer this material, mainly reserved for very large restorations on some back teeth. The Australian Dental Association, the World Health Organisation and the International Dental Federation have all agreed that dental amalgam as a filling material is safe, despite all the publicity on this matter. Dental amalgam has been studied and reviewed extensively. Amalgam restorations have not been found to be associated with adverse health effects. it has been used for over 150 years and it is strong and long lasting. 

Poorly sealed fillings on the 1st tooth on the right

with stained around the margins and the filling

fell out on the 2nd tooth..

Fillings replaced on both teeth


  • Simple extractions may be carried under local anaesthesia for different reasons. Some of these are orthodontic purpose, badly decayed  tooth and severe periodontal diseases.

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