Dental Check-up and Clean

(Preventive Dentistry)

Regular dental checks-up and cleaning are the most basic preventive measures you can take to look after your oral health . 6-monthly check-up and cleaning are usually recommended for most patients. However, if you have gum disease , 3 or 4-monthly cleaning or maintenance may also be recommended.

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The importance of Professional Dental check-up and cleaning

We all know that having healthy teeth is linked to our quality of life and health.  Maintaining  a clean and healthy dentition benefits your overall health. So regular dental checks and cleans should be part of everyone oral care routine.

Only a professional dental check-up. the dentist may able to detect early signs of tooth decay and gum problems. Apart of the different instruments. the dentist may also need to take some dental x-rays in order to monitor the condition of your previous fillings, teeth and gums, but also to detect other issues not visible to the naked eyes.

The benefits of Professional Dental check-up and cleaning

Everyone benefits from regular dental checks and cleans, from kids to the elderly. For children , it is important to introduce them good oral hygiene and regular check-ups habits at an early stage. Dental Fissure sealants and topical fluoride application will help prevent decay on their newly erupted adult back teeth.


Free Dental check-up and Cleaning for Patients with BUPA or CBHS^*

At Burwood Family Dentist, all of our dentists are part of BUPA's Members First Platinum Network and CBHS choice network. 

This means that you will not need to pay any gap on selected preventive dental services (with the right level of cover). This includes not only general check-ups and cleanings but also  x-rays, topical fluoride and mouthguards.

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CBHS Choice Network Dentist


^* Subject to  terms and conditions of your health fund level of cover, waiting period, overall limit and restrictions. For Bupa: those who have combined hospital and extras cover.

If you are unsure, please check with your health fund  to find out if you are are entitled to these benefits, or we can quote them for you first on the spot with your heath fund card.