Our practice is equipped with state of the art digital x-ray machines. We can provide both the small intra-oral and the panoramic whole mouth x-rays, called OPG. We do not need to refer you to another x-ray centre to have the whole mouth radiograph taken. This allows more efficient time saving and get diagnosis and/or treatment done quicker without further delay.

Digital x-rays offer great advantages over conventional film x-rays.


  • One of the main benefits to patients is  that the amount of radiation exposed to is significantly reduced. Digital x-rays use 50-90% less radiation that the conventional film x-rays.

  • No toxic chemicals are used to develop the films.



  • No time is wasted on processing and mounting x-ray film. We can spend more clinical time with you as the images are displayed in seconds on our monitor.



  • You can see your x-ray image on a full screen monitor for viewing rather than a thumbnail size film.

  • Digital tools used to analyse digital x-rays allow us to quickly and more accurately diagnose areas of dental decay. Images can also be digitally enhanced for better diagnosis. The highly detailed images can be rotated, magnified, adjusted for contrast and even colour-coded to make it easier for you to understand.

As a result of the reduced radiation and from current understanding, there is no justification for the routine use of lead aprons for intra-oral dental radiography. But if you really feel better with it or want it, just ask our dentist for it.