Not everyone may be suitable for implants due health, financial and/or other reasons. Therefore we offer to our patient this alternative affordable  option called partial denture. .


A partial denture is a simple and economical option to replace a missing tooth, extracted tooth or a number of missing teeth.  It is a removable prothesis. Partial dentures can provide aesthetic (replacing missing front or visible teeth) and functional solutions (can prevent other remaining teeth from moving out of positions). It may also help some people with eating if they do have any back teeth to chew/eat.

There is always a period of time where you will need to get used to the new partial denture. It can be a challenging task at the beginning. Having it in your mouth first time can feel awkward. Eating with it may cause some minor discomfort onto the gums and you will need to eat/chew food slowly to avoid dislodging the denture. With time, most people will learn to get used to it and may not able to eat without it. There are also a few that may not get accustomed to it or do not like wearing it (e.g. they prefer some fixed option rather than removable),  for those people they will need to look for other alternative options.


Good oral hygiene and homecare of this prosthesis are important to maintain good oral health. Partial denture will indirectly cause more plaque build-up around the supporting teeth wich can lead to tooth decay or gum issue.

partial denture dental
flexible partial denture

New aesthetic Flexible Partial is now available. It looks like your teeth and gums. Unlike conventional partial denture, it does not have any metal clasps so people can not tell you are wearing a prosthesis. They may not be suitable for everyone or every case. Ask us our Burwood dentist if they may be a good option for you.