Important Notice:
Please read this carefully before you come to your next appointment


Due to the highly transmissible delta covid-19 strain and lockdown situation in Sydney,

  • You should be the only person with appointment entering our clinic. 

  • Our door may be locked from the outside, so just give us a call if needed.

  • If you come too early or we are running late , we may ask you to seat outside our practice. We will call you when it is your turn.

  • Mask wearing is mandatory while indoor in all workplaces.

  • and finally as usual, please re-schedule your appointment, if you have

    • any clinical signs or symptoms of cold/ flu or respiratory illness (eg. fever, coughing, fatigue, sore throat, shortness of  breath)

    • been in close contact with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19.

    • been told to self-isolate

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding